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Oct 13, 2020

We all have that type, the one that provides us with the best memories or the one that brings the most fun… but making sure that you can get the most out of ‘your type’ of break requires a lot of research and planning.

Whether you need a holiday to relax, time to adventure, see the sights or some soul searching experiences, at National Express Transport Solutions, we can do the research and you just need to get your travel bags out of the loft!

We have listened to our customers and they have said that the holiday’s they love best are those that allow them to relax; and who blames them! We know that ‘relaxing’ can be very different from one individual to the next but one thing that remains the same is that it allows us time to recuperate and switch off from the normal day to day life.

So, if you are looking for that perfect relaxing holiday, we suggest that your location has some of the below.

1. Beach or pool

We all know the best way to relax is laying in the sun doing absolutely nothing. Listening to the waves and zoning out of all your worries and concerns back at home. If you are not much of a do-nothing kind of relaxer than maybe getting stuck into a good book whilst by the sea is more appealing.

2. Table Service

The best part of a relaxing holiday is basically doing nothing and what better way to that than by having the majority of everything done for you! Table service drinks, all-inclusive food and all-round friendly service with your chosen destination serves up some of the most relaxing breaks around.

3. Local town

One of the most stressful things on holiday that can cause a number of arguments is deciding where to go for dinner and how to get there- especially if it’s not local. Always look for a destination that has a good choice of restaurants and bars nearby. Eating out in the local town allows you to indulge in the culture, have a change of scenery and save time on those unnecessary arguments!

4. Spa treatments

If it’s a relaxing holiday you are looking for, then your wellbeing should be your main focus. Release all of that stress with a pampering spa day! Whether this is just taking advantage of the spa facilities and relaxing in the bubbly waters, or experiencing some local treatments – a spa day is what the doctor ordered! We are feeling relaxed just talking about it!

5. Good walking trails

Taking a stroll around your surroundings might not be everyone’s ideal relaxation method but it has proven to help clear your mind. Whether this a morning walk after breakfast or a stroll before dinner, it is always great to stretch your legs and break up your day of relaxation – especially when there are some amazing views on offer

Feeling relaxed yet? If your break type on paper is a relaxing holiday, then we hope we have helped you to begin planning your perfect relaxing escape.

City break...
Another top picked holiday type is a City break! Now we love a city break exploring all new foods, drinks and local traditions.

To capture the best city breaks, we suggest ticking off the following.

1. Purchase a guide book

Every city break requires you to find your way around new surroundings and start exploring. A city guide will help you find your way around, plus it will give you the A-Z of top activities and attractions allowing you to plan your days in advance. It’s perfect for an organised traveller!

2. Travel Light

On average, a city break holiday is normally a long weekend away of adventure packed activities and sightseeing. We are all guilty of packing too many clothes and then buying over top souvenirs to take home. This means we are to take on the challenge of squeezing everything into our suitcases at the end of the trip and sitting on our cases just to get them closed! Plan ahead a travel light and that will mean more room for your souvenirs.

3. Experience the culture

Make sure you explore the local culture. Whether that means trying the local delicacies in the restaurants, or tasting the homegrown brew in the local bars Don’t say no to trying anything different – you might end up loving it!

4. Go to EVERY museum

Make sure your chosen destination is packed with quirky museums, shops and even some historical buildings. Museums don’t need to be ‘boring’. There are always a few different types of museums, so there will definitely be one suited to you. Whether you like the arts, weird and wonderful facts, history or interactive activities.

5. Venture down the lanes

9 times out of 10 there is a giant main square right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. Normally, just outside of these squares, there are small, less crowded lanes where all the hidden boutiques and bars are located. These are always the best places to experience the best food and purchase quirky souvenirs.

I don’t know about you but that’s made us want to pack our bags and go exploring!!!

Beach escapes...
For all you sun lovers, we bet you have been craving a beach escape this summer. To make up for some lost holiday time, you need to make sure you cover the below to experience the best beach escape.

  1. Sandy or stone

Research into the chosen beach needs to be done. Everyone has their preference as to whether they want sand or pebbles. Don’t be disappointed when you turn up to see that you have to relax on pebble beach if that is not what you were hoping for- do you research before you make the journey.

2. Understand the local facilities

Think about what sort of facilities you require when you are enjoying the seaside location. Do you want some fish and chips on the beach? Ice cream? Or maybe you don’t want anything at all… just a little cafe and peace and quiet. Make sure you know what is on offer so you aren’t disappointed when you arrive..

3. Pick good weather

There is nothing worse than going to the beach to sit and relax and the wind blows all the sand in your eyes, the temperature is really cold or you are having to use your umbrella – and not to shield the sun from your eyes! Obviously, we can not predict the wonders of British weather but it makes more sense to plan a beach holiday in the summer rather than the Winter!

4. Prep a bag

Think of the essentials because once you are there you’ll want to relax! Finding your spot to settle and realising you have forgotten your sunglasses or favourite book is the last thing you want. Think about everything you need to take and make sure you have the best beach bag to carry this all in! Sun cream, towel, drinks, snacks and more are needed to have a fully prepared day by the sea.

5. Check if the beach is popular

Research the beach and ask yourself 1. Is this near a built-up town? 2. Is this a well-known beach? If you don’t want to be searching for a space for you and your group then maybe you need to have a beach that’s a little more private to the public. Think about your main reasons for going to the beach and whether crowds of people are going to help or hinder your beach escape.

Adventure can be many things. Whether it’s a hike, water sports, skiing or even bungee jumping… We all love a bit of adventure! But you need to be prepared so everything goes smoothly and so you know you’ve booked something worthwhile! So here we go…here is your checklist for planning your adventure break

  1. Tours and Guides

When looking for your adventure-packed experience, consider looking into if you can spend some time with the experts. There are many guided tours available that will enhance your experience and provide you with some interesting facts on your chosen destination – the best way to learn something new!

2. Look into recommendations

If you know what your aim is from this adventure but not sure how to achieve this, then the best way to get some first-hand research is asking for recommendations. Friends, family or our Travel Consultants know best about experiences that they have been on themselves – the dos and don’ts, the best time of year, what to take with you and where you go etc.

3. Go outside your comfort zone

Every experience can be seen as an adventure but the best ones are those that push you outside of your comfort zone! Do something that kicks in the adrenaline and is another tick off the bucket list – we are not advising you to jump out of a plane… unless that’s your definition of adventure!

4. Make sure you prep

A lot of adventurous activities mean comfortable clothing and footwear- pack appropriately and do your research first into any items that you are advised to bring Nothing worse than turning up ready to go and not being fully prepared!

5. Have fun, fun and even more fun!

Make sure you know that this adventure is going to something new and fun! The best thing about an adventure is that once home you can tell everyone about your amazing time and recommend it to all family and friends. Something that sticks in your mind as one of the best times of your life!

Culture Vulture...
We all have an inner history enthusiast that is craving some knowledge- but it’s got to be fun, something that is your type of history and something that you will recommend to everyone. So, this is what we suggest when planning your historical break

  1. Make sure you can enter your chosen sites

The first thing to do with any heritage site is to check about the entry. Do you need tickets? Annual pass? Or to book in a time of visit? Organise in advance and plan ahead to save yourself any stress whilst there.

2. Take a camera

This goes without saying -don’t forget that camera!! You will remember all these good memories and every place you visited but there is something special about showing others your amazing holiday snaps. There is also nothing better than looking back in years to come at photographs of one of the best holiday experiences you have ever had!

3. Check out the local events

A lot of places that you visit might hold annual events that could be even more exciting! Do some research on what’s coming up and tailor your itinerary accordingly. These events are normally for a set time so you don’t want to miss out on what could be the top cultural event of the year!

4. Do your background checks

Obviously, the main reason for visiting cultural sites is having the chance to learn more and absorb all the information along the way, but sometimes it is always handy to be ahead of the game! Do some research into where you are going, the history there and find out other people’s top tips for the day!

5. Search your favourite historical moment, not just a location.

If you love history and have your favourites then maybe the best way to decide on your location is not by the place itself but more towards the history that it contains. This can guarantee that your holiday activities are tailored to your interests and will make it the holiday you’ll always remember.

Trying to achieve your dream holiday can be a struggle as there is so many decisions and choice. Our travel consultants are the expert when it comes to making your wants for a holiday come to life. Need some advice on where to go and what to do, then speak to one of the experts today! Call us on 0845 257 9845 or click here to get a quick quote!


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