15 benefits of playing Schools’ Football

May 19, 2021

English Schools’ Football Week runs from 24th – 30th May 2021 and provides children across the UK an opportunity to get outside and have fun with their peers.

Schools’ Football Week is an ESFA initiative designed not only to highlight the huge scale of Schools’ Football in England, but also as an opportunity for schools, teams and clubs from across the country to embrace schools’ football and the wellbeing benefits it provides to pupils and players.

ESFA have identified 15 benefits of playing Schools’ Football. Take a look at them below:

  1. Improves cognitive, social, emotional and intellectual skills.
  2. Provides opportunities to develop positive relationships.
  3. Activity improves brain function.
  4. Positive impact on pupil behaviour and truancy.
  5. Helps children to feel that they are part of a team.
  6. Can enhance academic achievement.
  7. Teaches respect.
  8. Encourages teamwork.
  9. Enhances positive decision making.
  10. Improves communication skills.
  11. Improves problem skills.
  12. Reduces anxiety and stress.
  13. Helps build resilience.
  14. Reduces obesity.
  15. Provides a sense of pride to represent their school.

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