Safe Travel? Is there such a thing?

Nov 2, 2020

Safe Travel? Is there such a thing?

Travelling on any mode of transport during these current times gives us a sense of uncertainty, especially when there are so many do’s and don’ts to follow. However, travel is, in most cases, essential in our day to day lives, whether this is going to work, going to school or even to the shops. So, we need to make travelling as simple and safe as possible so everyone can travel in confidence.

Our expert teams have been talking to customers and doing their research to find out what questions people are asking about travelling and what their main concerns are. Together we have come up with a 5 point guide to help you to travel confidently and with ease, whether this is with us, on the train or even by air!

1.Preparation is key

‘Where’s my keys, wallet and phone’ is the general routine when leaving the house (unless you take everything other than the kitchen sink). But now we need to adjust to the new norm as there is that extra essential that we need with us at all times!

Where’s my keys, wallet, phone… oh MASK!

Keep them in your bag, coat, or even around your wrist. Make sure you keep your mask with you at all times as it is mandatory to wear a face-covering on all modes of transport. Let’s be honest, face masks are a horrible thing to wear but they are required to not only protect yourselves but also to protect fellow passengers and passers-by.

2. Hand, Face and Space!

You must have seen the advert with the delivery drivers, a young man on the bus and friends sitting on the sofa? This new government message is a guideline that we must all try to abide by no matter where we are or who we are with. Following these three simple steps will help keep you, your loved ones and others around you safe.

  • Squeaky clean hands! Use hand sanitiser before you board, during your journey and once you have disembarked your chosen mode of transport.
  • Face coverings, as stated above, are mandatory on transport whether you are travelling solo or in your group.
  • Give me space! As we all know, social distancing is important and essential to help keep everyone safe. Don’t sit in seats that are out of use (most modes of transport will have these clearly marked with signs or stickers) even if you are with someone in your bubble! Stick to the seating arrangement – it’s there for your benefit!
3. Be strong and curb the cravings!

This may seem like a strange comment to make but it is actually very important and easily ignored/forgotten. Whilst travelling you need to wear your masks at all times, removing your mask from your face numerous times throughout your journey to eat or drink can defeat the objective of wearing them in the first place.

Of course, you need to stay hydrated, so drinking may be necessary, but eating is not essential during your travels, make sure you schedule your meals for before and after your travel time! Forget about the chocolate bar that is calling for you to ‘eat me’ – it can wait!

4. We are all living in a bubble!

You’ll have probably heard the term social bubble. This social bubble rule allows you to sit within your designated ‘bubbles’ on-board our desired mode of transport. But make sure you tell your transport provider that you are in a bubble, it may affect the price of your ticket or hire for the better!

Don’t forget, that social distancing needs to be maintained throughout the journey from start to finish, so let’s not burst the bubble from being too full!

5. Do your research

When it comes down to choosing what company to travel with, always double-check on their COVID policy. Do they track and trace? What are their enhanced measures? What happens if your booking is affected by COVID?

All these points and more need to be clear before you travel either solo or with your group. If you have any additional concerns or questions that are not answered online, ask!. Also, read, read, read! There is no harm in just brushing up on the company policy as it is always better to make sure nothing is going to bite you in the bum in the long run!

We hope these pointers help you to travel safely and with confidence. And remember, if you have any questions, just ask! Our teams are on hand 24/7 to answer your questions and support you on your travels, please call 0845 257 9845.

We hope to see you soon!


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