New Year, New Norm

Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Year and hopefully, a better year than 2020!

It’s been an eventful 12 months, to say the least, and as we enter 2021, there is a sense of positivity in the air that this year is going to bring back some normality into our lives!

We’ve all made some changes this year and one thing we have all learnt is to not take our lives or time spent together for granted and to make the most of every day!

To help you plan out your 2021, from knowing what big events are on, to what the in-trend thing to do will be, we have compiled a list of what you need to know for each month ahead – so it’s time to get planning!


Get active
Given that Sports will be returning to our screens this year, why not start the year with an exercise goal and get active this January. Build your own gym at home or follow a workout routine to get you in shape after that huge Christmas dinner!

With football, darts and even tennis back on the TV for 2021, let’s use this as motivation to start our own physical hobby. If you are that good then you might even be trained in time for the Olympics!

Cleansing month
January, the month of detoxing and cleansing the body from a heavy December. A lot of people participate in ‘Dry January’ to give their bodies time to rest and rejuvenate. A more on-trend theme is ‘vegan-uary’ – where people become vegan for the whole of January to cut back on some unhealthy eating and maybe even make a complete lifestyle change.

Saving money
January is the month to start thinking about saving the pennies, whether this is for events happening in 2021 or to make up for an expensive Christmas. Most people like to do this by just ‘staying at home and spending less’ – but if 2020 has shown us anything, staying at home does not always mean you spend less – internet shopping is just too good!

Why not take this month as an opportunity to find the best savings account options. The most popular time to open an account is normally the beginning of April, so take this time to find the one that suits you and get your initial deposit ready!


Valentines Day falls on the 14th of February every year (if you didn’t know that, we would be worried!). To make up for a year of not being able to make many memories with your loved one, it’s time to plan ahead and book a nice restaurant or trip away. Maybe even a coach holiday or day trip? You don’t want to miss out on what our Holiday operator, Lucketts Travel has, perfect for you and your partner.

If, dare we say it, we can’t go ‘out out’ this Valentines, there are great ways to make your stay at home plans extra special.


Springs begins
Spring has finally arrived which hopefully means some brighter and warmer weather. As the birds begin to sing and the smell of freshly cut grass lingers in the air, one thing comes to mind – summer getaways. March is a great time to look for your perfect summer escape, whether it’s abroad, a staycation or even just getting away from the sofa to the garden. A summer escape of some sorts is out there, so start planning.

More people go back to the office
March is currently the back to office month for a lot of companies which means less working from home routines and more commuting to the workplace. However, who thinks they will be taking up a new flexible working pattern and only venturing to the office a couple of times a week? We do, and we have the perfect commuting solution for Flexi-working! Check out our flexibundles to suit your new norm!


The month for spring walks, roast lamb and obviously the excuse to eat a lot of chocolate (again). With kids off school for 2 weeks and excited for the Easter Bunny to arrive, there are many family-friendly activities to do for everyone to enjoy! Need some inspiration? Why not revisit our ‘family days out’ blog for some tips on where to go for some Easter fun!


Bank holiday events
Something is telling us that May bank holiday celebrations in 2021 are gonna be bigger and better than ever. A well deserved extra day off work to do whatever you want, whether that’s to chill and put your feet up or to go have some Monday fun! Here are some top events and places to visit in London this 2021 bank holiday – who hates Mondays now?


We think it’s time for a holiday! Enjoy some of the UK’s hidden gems just waiting for you to explore. Whether you need a break to focus on your well being or maybe something with a little more adventure, we can certainly help you fulfil your holiday desires! Our Travel Consultants are the experts at recommending the best places to go and giving you ideas on the best things to do, all you need to do is provide your wish list and let us do the rest! Sound good? Let’s find out more!


Summer Holidays begins
Suns out and schools out! The summer holidays begin which means trips to the beach, family adventures and time to lap up the sun rays! This summer you can make up for 2020 with your family and friends by exploring the UK, which truly does have everything to offer!


It’s festival time! Whether you’re dancing to the music, indulging in food and alcohol or adrenaline-seeking on the summer rides! This summer is going to be the year of festival events around the UK as we have many eager festival-goers waiting to party! Get the group together, grab your wellies and get ready to experience the best festival lineups in style. No worrying about who the designated driver is, we’ve got your covered and are ready to take you to the music!


Back to school
Children are back to school (let the tantrums begin) and the summer holiday fun has finished. Hopefully, this new academic year has some sense of normality and children can start enjoying fun packed and educational activities! Our School package deals are full of fun and learning and we can also offer some great budget-saving solutions for large group travel! We cannot wait to welcome schools back for the new year and for new adventures.


Autumn is here and so is one of the spookiest days of the year – Halloween! Trick or treating can return for the children (and the adults, we know you love it) and for the older kids out there, how about fright night at some of the UK’s biggest theme parks, perfect for a scare! Get yourself and a large group together for the fright of your lives with National Express Transport Solutions, travel with us as well and you can get discounted group tickets. A frighteningly good deal.


Winter starts
The leaves on the trees have fallen and the temperature is dropping so it’s time to wrap up and start planning your winter getaways and Christmas events! Yes, we said Christmas!
Plan a last-minute winter break or book yourself day trip for one final treat this year! What about a Christmas holiday? Or ahead to a Christmas market which will definitely get you into the festive spirit. Think of all the tasty food and mulled wine! We have loads of options for you and your daily and friends this winter 2021!


Christmas 2021
Christmas time, mistletoe and wine… What? It’s only just been Christmas! This Christmas is going to be the Christmas to beat all Christmases as families make up for what was missed in the dreaded 2020.. Bigger parties, bigger families and a bigger turkey! And we cannot forget that the trend for the Christmas Work Parties will be back in play in December, and we think all employees deserve a bigger celebration! We are experts in event transportation whether it is a team of 6 or 600+, we’ll get you to the party on time!

What a year to look forward to! Here at National Express Transport Solutions, we are looking forward to seeing you back on board in 2021 and providing you with the safest transport in the UK.

Why not check out our top 10 places to visit over the next 12 months, where we have provided even more ideas for your year ahead! You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Happy New Year from the teams at National Express Transport Solutions!


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