Location of the week: British Museum

Oct 13, 2020

Plan a visit today to The British Museum in London, the first national public museum in the world that was founded in 1753 and opened its doors in 1759.

This museum was the first of its kind to cover all fields of human knowledge and discovery, displaying objects and documents that represent a timeline of the continuous development of humankind.

The exhibitions on display within the British Museum cover key areas of the world including Europe, America, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Rome, the Middle East, Africa. The museum also showcases a number of themed exhibitions that display the earliest objects created by humankind and works from contemporary artists.

Travel back in time to over 3000 years ago to come face-to-face with some of Egypt’s sacred artefacts. You can explore the history behind The Rosetta Stone and its part in history, plus the sarcophagus of the last Egyptian Pharaoh. The Egyptian gallery allows you to venture down the timeline of the Ancient Egyptian era and understand how each monument played an important role in influencing the Egyptian language.

Going forward in History to the age of reason; The Enlightenment exhibit. This exhibition is displayed in the oldest room in the Museum which was originally designed to house a library for King George III. The Enlightenment Gallery is based on the men and women that believed that observing the natural and manmade world would reveal the universe’s unknown mysteries.

There are two special exhibits that the British Museum will soon unveil to visitors which will run until next year, these are Tantra, enlightenment to revolution and Arctic, culture and climate. These incredible exhibits will allow you to either travel to the hot and religious country of India or to the cold and inhospitable Arctic!

So whether you are a history enthusiast or interested in the creative arts, this museum is the place to go. You will leave with a mind full of knowledge and the desire to want to learn more. The best thing about this museum is that it covers every theme from every corner of the globe – so it has something for everyone!

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