Guess the location?

Oct 13, 2020

Guess the location…

For a clifftop adventure at a place, we know best,

we must travel down to the sunny Southwest.

Explore prehistoric tales, and if all else fails,

upon the sandy coast, you can rest.

Where are we?

A county in the Southwest of England that is best known for its long stretch of the English Channel and the Jurassic Coast, with cliffs that contain rock formations and fossils dating back many millions of years. This destination is situated on one of Britain’s most beautiful coastlines, with sandy beaches and famous natural landmarks including an ancient stone arch and layered cliffs.

This coastal location is best known for its water and land activities and is said to be the best way to experience what the county is renowned for. Pump up the adrenaline with some coasteering where you can travel by land and sea along the ancient cliffs and coastline. Or maybe you would like some calmer water sports like paddle boarding or kayaking which are perfect activities for all the family. If you prefer your feet on the ground maybe rock climbing is an activity for you, where you can venture up the layered rocks and maybe even make a new geological discovery!

If you are not much of an adrenaline junkie but instead you prefer the quieter and subtle forms of adventurous activities, the breathtaking landscapes of this location are waiting to be explored and there are some fantastic footpaths designed to give you the full visual experience. There are many self-guided tours and scenic routes around the coast and local countryside where you can take in the views and enjoy the nature around you.

You can also enjoy a different perspective of this location by jumping on either a boat or train. The sea cruises allow you to travel the whole length of the coastline and enjoy the British sea, blue lagoons and various islands. An alternative experience is touring around the countryside via an original Steam Train which gives you the option to hop-on-hop-off, allowing you to fully customise your itinerary for your day of cultural explorations.

Being by the sea, you can only begin to imagine the amazing local cuisines of fresh seafood and fishy delights on offer, however, this destination is also well-known for its amazing locally farmed produce. The local towns are full of traditional British pubs and rustic cottages where the finest of the local dishes can be found. You can also enjoy comfy stays in these local cottages and lodges where the countryside essence runs through the decor from traditional beams on the ceilings and the hilly views from the window.

This place seems like the perfect location for the opportunities to relax, explore and head out on an adventure. But where is it? Well, of course, this beautiful English county is none other than… (drumroll please)



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