Commuter Mornings

Apr 16, 2021

It’s just another manic Monday… wish it was Sunday

The majority of us in the morning will hear the sound of our alarm, press that snooze button and roll back over for an extra 10 minutes – but can you still do that when you return to the commute? (and we don’t mean the one from your bed to your desk). The answer is yes, you can still hit that snooze button and more if you follow these guidelines to having the perfect morning before work, and don’t worry, you will also have time for your morning cuppa.

Our guide to the perfect morning:

  • Prepare yourself the night before.

It goes without saying that we need to be a bit more organised in the mornings which would save us from running around the house trying to get all our belongings together before leaving for the day.

There would be less stress, less sweat and probably fewer toes stumped on the coffee table! Pack your bag every night with all your essential items and then that is one less thing on your morning agenda.

  • Reserve your seat

Let’s not forget that all-important thing we need to do before we get on board the coach… Reserve your seat!

Book your place on-board your service for your AM and PM journeys and play your part in keeping yourself and your fellow passengers safe on board. It’s quick and easy and can be done the night before whilst watching Coronation Street!

  • Keys, phone and face mask

We are all guilty of it – getting to the front door, bag in hand and only 5 minutes until the coach arrives and the dance begins… ‘Where’s my keys, where’s my phone, where’s my face mask!’ Checking all your pockets and bags to only find them in the bread bin from the night before – who put them there!?

Every night, make sure you’re all packed and your keys and facemask are by the front door. That way you won’t have used all your energy dancing before leaving the house and maybe that second coffee won’t be needed.

  • Get flexi

Now when we say this we don’t mean you need to do your morning stretches or pilates but making sure you have your flexi ticket waiting in your wallet. This is another item on the checklist that can be done the night before because running for the coach whilst trying to activate/buy your tickets is an accident waiting to happen!

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Experts have said that the most important meal of the day is breakfast (and that does not mean two cups of coffee). Making sure you have that time in the morning to sit down and have something to eat can make you feel more energised and refreshed for the day ahead – and you’ll find the keys in the bread bin!!

It’s simple really – less stress and more time to get prepared for your day. And by jumping on-board your NETS commuter service, you’ll have even more time to sit back, relax, enjoy a little power nap or maybe listen to your favourite podcast.

Plus, you can snooze that alarm and have that important cup of coffee without having to rush!



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