Coach travel’s impact on the environment

Sep 9, 2021

In honour of this year’s European Mobility Week theme, ‘Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility’ we’re highlighting coach travel’s impact on the environment.

Coach Travel undoubtedly offers businesses a host of benefits. With more people enjoying the comfortability and friendly atmosphere, businesses are able to benefit as employees are able to avoid the hassle of finding spaces to park their vehicles.

But what if we told you that Coach travel is one of the cleanest modes of transportation? Not convinced?

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Carry on reading further for a breakdown…

There’s no denying that a coach full of staff takes up far less space on the road in comparison to the same no. of people travelling individually by cars. Additionally, staff that ride on our coaches can travel with their bikes in our coach storage, enabling them to further participate in the various cycle to work schemes.

Calculated in kilograms per person, the corresponding figures for alternative modes of transportation reveal that coach travel is the most environmentally friendly form of transport.

A trip from London to Edinburgh on one of our coaches results in average CO2 emissions per passenger of 9.2 kg per journey. The same journey by a car carrying 1.56 persons would produce 71 kg, by plane 96.4 and by modern high-speed electric train 11.9.

So whether you’re looking to introduce a staff shuttle service or hire a private coach for a company outing, coach travel is undoubtedly a sustainable option.

The Benefits

The broader implication of coach travel has a snowball effect; reduced road congestion allows average speeds to rise, in turn allowing engines to operate more efficiently with lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. It is clear to see that adopting staff shuttles enables businesses to meet their sustainability requirements.

Congestion on the roads is reduced, parking requirements are eliminated, CO2 reductions are high and as coaches are permitted to use bus lanes, travel to work is swift and relaxing.

Interested in finding out how coach travel meets the sustainability needs of your business?

Visit us at stand BTSF150 of this year’s Business Travel Show where our team of industry experts will be happy to meet you.

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