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Average London commute stands at 74 minutes a day

Sep 25, 2020

Londoners have the longest average commute in the country, according to a new study, which found it stands at 74 minutes a day.

The research was carried out by Instant Offices and compared those working in the capital to commuters elsewhere in the world where the overall average commuting time is 40 minutes.

Added to this is the fact that official data from the Department for Transport shows that many trains are carrying double the number of people they were designed to hold.

Rail services in London have seen demand increase by 12 per cent in six years and the problem is only set to get worse, reports London Loves Business.

It has been predicted that by the 2030s, travelling by train at peak hours into Waterloo station could be comparable to 5.4 commuters squeezing into each phonebooth-sized space.

If you are commuting into and out of London for more than an hour each day, it is essential to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Skip the train and opt for an air-conditioned coach with a guaranteed seat instead.

With high fares on the railways and unreliable services, employees and businesses are looking for ways to overcome traditional commutes.

After all, an employee being late and frustrated is a problem not only for the individual, but also for the companies they work for.

While some businesses are offering flexible and remote working options, nothing compares to the chance to work in London.

It is where a lot of the top talent congregates and offers much opportunity, which is why many would not go down the working from home route instead.

Commute to London with Kings Ferry and have a stress-free journey that bypasses the train. The get out of rail free scheme means you won’t lose a penny when you make the switch.


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