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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Commute

Feb 26, 2019

Commuting is no easy feat when, according to research by the TUC, Londoners spend 1 hour 21 minutes each day travelling to and from work. Whether you’re commuting by train or coach, we’ve got 5 easy ways that will help you make the most of your commute.

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Commuting, that tedious notion of travelling between home and work on a regular basis. It’s no easy feat when, according to research by the TUC, the UK spends 58 minutes a day commuting. With Londoners leading the way travelling 1 hour and 21 minutes each day to and from work. Whether you’re commuting by train or coach, we’ve got 5 ways that will help you make the most of your commute.

Learn a language

Learning a language can be beneficial to your work life, as well as adding a new skill to your CV. Known as the business language of the future, Mandarin Chinese is a great language to learn, although maybe not the easiest. Any language learnt will put you in good stead for that next promotion or life-changing interview, whatever comes your way. One of the best apps you can download to learn a new language is Duolingo, it’s also completely free.


Commuting is the perfect time to lose yourself in a book. You’ll feel awakened before you get to the office, or it will help you escape the stresses of the day. With so many e-readers available nowadays, you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to read. Or perhaps you take a more traditional approach to reading where nothing beats a hard-backed book. Swap recommendations or trade books with your fellow commuters to open your mind to reads you wouldn’t usually consider, just be sure not to miss your stop.

Set daily goals

Get ahead of the day by setting yourself goals. Whether they are work or personal goals, they’ll help you finish the day with a sense of achievement. You could even use your commute to work towards bigger goals, perhaps weekly or yearly goals. Some have even started their own successful businesses using their commute time, such as the case for Seat Sixty-One and Web2Carz.


This may seem an obvious one, but talking to others is a great motivator. Everyone on your commute are doing the same thing, travelling to work, but how many have you actually spoken to? Speaking to others will help you on a daily basis to take influence from them, share your ideas, get their feedback, and get you out of your comfort zone. It’s far too easy to revert to our digital devices and scroll through countless posts on Facebook, on average we spend three years on social media. Imagine the relationships you could build in that time.


You’re sure to see many commuters on their travels immersing themselves in a Sudoku puzzle, crossword or word search. Not only does it pass the time but it also keeps your mind active – think of it as brain-training. You can choose to pick up a puzzle book from your local store or download one of the many apps on your phone. It’s a great way to stimulate your mind ready for the day ahead.

With all these new ideas on how to make the most of your commute, you need to be able to put these into practice in comfort. When commuting by coach you’re not only saving on average 52 minutes compared to a train but you’re guaranteed a seat!


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