5 reasons why employee shuttles are good for your business and your people

May 26, 2020

On Sunday 10th May, Boris Johnson’s ‘Stay At Home’ message was changed in England to ‘Stay Alert’, with lockdown restrictions being eased allowing a number of businesses to begin their return to work.

Sectors such as construction and manufacturing are now beginning to open their doors. Although some areas of work may now be, business as usual, in reality, there still isn’t anything usual about the circumstances we find ourselves in.

The safety and wellbeing of our employees should now, more than ever be one of our core business objectives. We are all taking vital steps to make sure that we provide our teams with a safe working environment; ensuring social distancing is maintained where possible, appropriate PPE is provided and cleaning regimes are more regular and thorough. But what about when your employees are traveling to and from their place of work?

Employee shuttles provide businesses with a safe and secure transport solution. But in the middle of this pandemic, what is it about employee shuttles that is a benefit for your business and your people?

  1. A cleaner environment, reducing the spread of infection – vehicles used for employee shuttles go through more enhanced and regular cleaning regimes that include: the use of fog machines for contactless disinfection, thorough cleaning of all on-board customer touch points and the installation of hand sanitiser on-board the vehicles. All of which are put in place to keep passengers safe and limit the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.
  1. A more controlled environment to maintain social distancing – by using employee shuttles, there is the ability to control a wider range of variables in contrast to other modes of transport. Businesses and operators are able to restrict passenger numbers on-board the vehicles to ensure that the 2m social distancing rule is adhered to. The way in which your employees enter the vehicle can be controlled; boarding from the rear and disembarking in reverse order to avoid walking past sitting passengers. Drivers are also able to disembark when passengers are boarding and exiting the vehicle to avoid any unnecessary interactions.
  1. Contactless payments and passenger monitoring is available – there are a number of technologies that employee shuttle operators are using that enable you and your teams to track vehicles, book & purchase seats and view management reporting data all from a single app or website. Operators like us here at National Express Solutions are also including ‘passenger monitoring’ capabilities allowing businesses to book employees on vehicles themselves and monitor passenger levels and when individual passengers use the service. So if at any time an employee is unwell, you will know what other passengers to inform.
  1. Employee shuttles allow your people to travel in confidence – For both businesses and employees alike, organising safe transport and simply the act of traveling itself can cause some stress during the current climate. There are so many do’s and don’ts to get your head around and it all can get a bit too much. Staff shuttles are managed by industry experts who are in regular contact with the likes of the Department for Transport, Transport for London and other governing bodies to ensure that their services adhere to all government requirements, leaving your business one less thing to worry about and allowing your employees to travel in confidence.
  1. It shows that you care – Providing your existing employees with a safe and secure means of transport shows them that you care about their safety and wellbeing; a proven strategy that can improve team performance and productivity. It is also great for brand image, showcasing to potential clients and prospective employees that you are a business that holds its people in high regard and see them as one of your most, if not the most important asset of your business.

Alongside the benefits that we have already discussed, employee shuttles can provide your business with a wealth of added bonuses ranging from improving staff punctuality to reducing your carbon footprint as well as potentially saving you a lot of money.

We hope that providing safe transportation for your employees is one of the top items on your to-do list. Here at National Express Transport Solutions, we want to help your business and your people return to work safely.

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