2021 Travel Trends

Nov 18, 2020

2021 travel trends: What does the future of group travel look like?

Our 2021 diary is looking busy, busy, busy – packed with things to do to make up for all the time lost in 2020. We imagine that your 2021 diary is looking fairly similar, making up for lost time with the family, catching up with friends, planning that missed school trip or finally taking the team away to an industry show!! Next year, we are hoping to see events back up and running – so the future is starting to look a little brighter!

We have had to adapt all aspects of our lives this year, some changes have been for the better but most, we hope, are only temporary.

One thing we have all had to put on hold is travelling. Whether heading abroad or even down the road! So next year, when finally we can all hopefully get back on the road, it will be a little different for everyone. Some people might want to travel more and in larger groups. Others might still be cautious, but that’s where thorough research and planning can give you peace of mind.

The reality is, next year’s travelling trends, whether for work, leisure or business might not necessarily be what we class as ‘normal’. They will be different, but they may actually be an improved version of ‘normal’.

So let’s explore these ‘improved’ travel trends…

Family time – larger group travel

We can all agree that there is some much-needed face to face family time!. The opportunity to be able to actually see the extended family (not through a screen) that we have not been able to visit in months (maybe even a year) is an opportunity not to be missed.

Family days out will be on the rise next year, with larger group travel for holidays and day trips also increasing. We all want to make up for the memories that we were not able to create with our loved ones this year, and there seems to be no better way to do this than to all get-together and head out to your favourite family attraction.

Making up for the lost time

Everyone in the UK and even the world will be re-booking all their cancelled events, attending all the rescheduled trips and making sure that they make up for the ‘lack-of’ 2020. Whether it’s family reunions, friends finally going on their ‘girls weekend’, the team attending the next business event or graduates having one last hurrah on an end of term trip. Everyone is going to be making up for the lost time and hopefully standing less than 2 meters apart!

Group travel has been restricted throughout 2020 but we are remaining optimistic for the upcoming year. But be quick to reschedule your bookings, 2021 might be sold out before you know it!


The key to the situation that we find ourselves in today is safety. Abiding by the rules that are put in place to keep us safe. Safety should be at the top of everyone’s priority list, and it is always at the top of ours and other travel provider’s. Make sure that prior to travelling or even booking anything, do your research around the safety measures that your travel provider has in place, Don’t turn a blind eye because restrictions have been reduced, your safety is still and should always be the priority – you really cannot put a price on it.

To view how we are keeping our passengers safe and secure on-board, please click here.

School trips are restarting!

Many of you will agree that one of the biggest and most damaging impacts that lockdown and covid-19 as a whole have was on the education system and children’s learning. A key part of the learning experience that has been a standstill is school trips. Yes, they are a fun day out, but it is vital to get students learning outside of the classroom into a new ‘learning environment’. It teaches life skills, personal skills, academic skills and of course just allows students to have some fun – god knows we all need it!

Whether it is a trip to a museum or a heritage site to step back in time, or a day of adrenaline rushing roller coasters – there are plenty of school trips available – even now! Want to see our exciting trips? CLICK HERE


Next year, we will all hopefully welcome back school trips. We believe that fun-packed educational trips are needed to support a students development, especially following a year without them!.

So this adapted version of what we used to call ‘normal’, might not be all that bad. 2021 could be looking bright and we are all feeling a little optimistic.

So it begs the questions, what are you going to do? Be a trendsetter or a follower? Either way, don’t miss out!


If you are looking for transport in 2021, speak to our experts today! Call on 0845 257 9845 and our Travel Consultants can guide you to safe and secure group travel! Alternatively, get a quick quote with just one click!

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