Commuter Feedback

Read some of the great feedback we have received from our commuters.

Below are comments from some of our customers:

‘I would just like to say a big thanks to all at The Kings Ferry for continuing your commuter service in these extreme weather conditions. I normally travel by Chalkwell but as I expect you know they are unwilling to provide a service in such conditions.
My season ticket with Chalkwell expires in early February this year. As a result of how you have shown you can operate in the snow I will, from February, be using your commuter service on a full time basis. Thanks again.’

‘Thanks to you all for your excellent service and extra thanks to your drivers in very difficult conditions’

‘I just wanted to say that your email traffic alerts are extremely useful. Many thanks’

‘I would just like to thank The Kings Ferry for their efforts in maintaining a commuter service during the recent bad weather. A huge “well done” to the drivers, particularly on Wednesday evening when it was so treacherous. Thank you’

‘Can I just say thank you to everyone in the office and to all your drivers – I am very grateful for all the efforts you have made to get us to and from work in the last few days.’

‘I was lucky enough to be off or working from home for most of this weather but commuted by coach from Rainham yesterday and today and I agree that the service was excellent in the weather. We were regularly updated and the drivers were friendly and helpful. I started getting the coach this year after being thoroughly fed up of the trains and I will never go back now!’

‘Thank you for your note you all have done a good job. But the level of professionalism from the Driver has been fantastic with a wee drop of good humour too. Thanks to you all’

‘I would like to add my thanks and congratulations to you all for managing to run any kind of service during these unusual weather conditions. If anyone has followed the news in Germany and New York, it’s not been easy travelling anywhere and so you have done an excellent job.
I would like to send my thanks to our driver Alfie (I know that’s not his real name but he drives the C11 at 6.01am and 16.47 home) for the excellent job he did on the 21st December when the snow storm hit London.
Although it took us a very long time to get across London, his driving was brilliant and he remained cheerful and calm throughout, which was not an easy task. Thank you to you all again and I look forward to travelling with you in the future and enjoying your excellent service for many years to come.’

‘Just another huge thanks to the commuter department you all did a brilliant job in getting the coaches into London. Much appreciated.’

‘I would like to extend my thanks to all Kingsferry staff who managed this very difficult period. In particular as we have close contact with the drivers I would like to say a BIG THANK you and they did a marvellous job under such difficult weather conditions.
I was on the C8 leaving Canary Wharf on Wednesday at 4.30 and finally got home at 9.30 and have to say the driver we had (sorry forgot his name) was extremely helpful and communicated on a regular basis over the speaker so everyone got as much information provided.
He must have been pretty tired at the end of his shift as the roads where absolutely awful along with traffic and very difficult driving conditions. Also, a thank you to the office people and management who obviously assisted throughout and I think KF did a great job.’

‘I do appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in, especially the drivers and would like to send my thanks to them for doing so brilliantly in these extreme weather conditions.’

‘I am writing on behalf of a few commuters on K2 (Driver Andy Havill)to say that throughout these hazardous driving conditions, Andy has been a first class driver.
We have felt very safe with him driving, to the extent that we made sure that we always got on the coach he was driving. We would also like to thank Amy and Toni for their help and patience with us keep on phoning to find out coach times etc. We would also like to thank you for the service that has been provided in very difficult circumstances.’

‘Have just received the email from you and would like to wholeheartedly agree that the drivers have been absolute superstars! It must have been a very stressful time for them. I know that I’ve hated driving in the snow. For the record, I wouldn’t touch the trains with a barge pole – they are always the first to let us down. Kingsferry NEVER let us down.’

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